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4 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

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According to a recent study, low testosterone effects roughly 1 in 4 men over the age of 30, but only 1 in 20 men will experience clinical symptoms linked to low T, and testosterone replacement should only be considered in the presence of symptoms.

Common symptoms of low T may include hair loss, reduced sex drive, mood swings, loss in muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, and decrease in bone mass—among other symptoms.

Meeting with a men’s health expert is recommended to evaluate your condition. Your doctor can identify your current hormonal and other laboratory deficiencies and design you an appropriate treatment plan. However, there are also certain behaviors and lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your daily routine independently that may help raise your testosterone levels naturally.

Natural Ways to Help Boost Testosterone

  1. Reassess Your Food Options: Certain health conditions, such as diabetes or rapid weight gain, can cause men to experience low T symptoms. Therefore, weight loss paired with regular strength training may help improve your testosterone levels, as well as your overall health. Making positive changes to your diet, such as incorporating some testosterone boosting foods (Vitamin D, leafy greens, and ginger), may also provide you with more nutrients that can help rebalance your hormones.

    To learn about the benefits of a medically directed weight loss program, contact EveresT today.

  2. Get More Sleep: Sleep deprivation can greatly affect healthy hormonal balance. In a recent study featured in Medical News Today, researchers from the University of Chicago reported that after only one week of restricted sleep, the study’s participants (young, healthy men) had experienced a significant drop in testosterone levels.

    Read the full study here.

  3. Find Time to Relax: Stress (or cortisol) can lead to other serious men’s health issues, including depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, etc. It can negatively affect your hormonal balance, as well. In fact, research continues to demonstrate how higher cortisol levels are linked to a reduction in low T levels. Higher cortisol levels can also cause weight gain—another contributing factor to low T.  

  4. Reduce Your Alcohol Intake: Though red wine and alcohol in moderation may be acceptable, drinking alcohol over a long span of time can decrease your testosterone levels

Low T Treatment at EveresT Men’s Health

Though natural remedies may help improve your testosterone levels, meeting with a men’s health provider is the best way to ensure you’re getting the most effective treatment plan to manage your individual symptoms and get you back to feeling your best.

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