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How to Lose Weight for Men Over 50

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Why is it harder for men to lose weight in their 40s and 50s? There are multiple reasons for why this occurs as you age, including

  • Your metabolism is slowing down

  • Your stress level is higher

  • Your body is losing more muscle mass

According to Harvard Health Publishing, men can lose anywhere between 3-5% of their muscle mass every 10 years, after age 30, which can significantly impact how their bodies naturally burn fat. Combine this scenario with more responsibilities and daily stressors that develop with age, including family life, finances, and career advancement, and your desire and ability to lose weight may become less of a top priority.

Tips for Men Losing Weight Over 50

Achieving an active lifestyle and a healthy metabolism is possible for men over the age of 50 with a few simple changes to your diet and daily routine:

  • Fill Up on Fruits & Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals. Choose veggies like artichoke and broccoli for good sources of fiber, as these options can also keep YOU full in-between meals.

  • Increase Protein Intake: Eating more protein helps prevent muscle loss that can happen after age 50 due to sarcopenia. Increasing your protein intake to 30 to 35 % of your total caloric intake may help offset this condition. However, it is important to consult with a medical professional regarding protein intake as high protein diets can be harmful for some medical conditions. 

  • Cut Down on Sugar: Men who stop drinking soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages gain less weight over time than men who consume these types of beverages. Removing energy drinks filled with sugar from your diet may help you achieve your weight loss goals.

  • Choose to Dine In: Picking up breakfast at the drive-thru, meeting friends for a late work lunch, or catching the game at a local tavern typically leads to eating more processed foods. When you cook your meals, you have more control over the ingredients and nutrients your filling your body with.

  • Maximize Your Workout with Strength Training: Strength training can help you lose weight by reducing body fat and increasing your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day. It also helps strengthen your muscles and improves your mobility, as you age.

  • Drink Plenty of Water: Water fills you up, acts as a natural appetite suppressant, aids your metabolism, and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

  • Talk to a Men’s Health Provider: Creating a men’s weight loss plan specific to you and your lifestyle is essential to feeling your best, no matter your age. When you meet with a men’s health expert, factors such as genetics, stress, sleep schedules, hormones, eating habits, and exercise are measured and routinely monitored to help you find the root cause of your weight issue for long-term success.

 Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals at EveresT Men’s Health

At Everest Men’s Health, we specialize in health education, support, and guidance on weight loss for men. Contact us today and our team of men’s health experts will discuss your concerns and evaluate your medical history to determine which program is best for you. Also, we currently offer patients a testosterone level check along with a full body composition screening for $50.

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