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Meet Your Local Men’s Health Providers

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Living a healthy, proactive lifestyle may seem achievable in your 20s. But as men age, certain lifestyle changes (e.g. career and financial obligations, family responsibilities, etc.) combined with excessive behaviors—drinking, eating, or smoking—can affect your physical and mental wellness, leading to low energy and clinical health issues later in life.

Common men’s health issues can include

  • Low Testosterone

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Heart Disease

  • Prostate Cancer

  • Depression

The good news is you can prevent many of these conditions with early intervention, nutritional guidance, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle changes (Harvard Health Publishing). To help you start on a straight path toward optimal health, you’ll first need to find a men’s health clinic that specializes in proactive medicine, men’s health education, and comprehensive lifestyle programs for men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Why Choose EveresT Men’s Health? 

Since its beginning, EveresT Men’s Health has followed one simple mission: to help men tackle every obstacle and achieve optimal health and energy through effective, proactive medicine.

Our process begins with 3 simple steps:

1.)  A medical evaluation to check important areas that affect men’s health:

  • Testosterone production

  • Vitamins deficiencies

  • A physical examination, vital signs, and blood tests to evaluate for chronic disease

  • Body composition

2.)  Providing medical treatment for any current hormonal and other laboratory abnormalities that have been identified

3.)  The creation of a personalized medical treatment plan for long-term health and wellness through encouraging better lifestyle behaviors

FAQs About Our Men’s Health Providers

Our growing team of men’s health providers work collaboratively to help men of every age create a customized treatment plan that aligns with their daily needs and individual health goals. Our medical services include

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy

  • Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction

  • Sleep Apnea Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Medical Weight Loss Plans for Men

  • Treatment of High Blood Pressure

  • Type II Diabetes Treatment

  • Smoking Cessation

  • And More! 

Our men’s health providers bring a wide range of knowledge, expertise, and resources to help each individual patient receive an accurate diagnosis and wellness program, so you start feeling your best today and every day.

To view our team’s profiles and accreditations, visit our “About” page.

Q: What Is Proactive Medicine?

A: It might be fair to assume that you visit your general practitioner once every few years, and most of the time, it’s only if you’re feeling sick or have an injury. At EveresT, we are committed to helping you find relief and live each day feeling your best and performing at your optimal level. Proactive medicine works to heal and keep you healthy for life. Rather than merely trying to cure an ailment with therapy or medication, we treat an issue in its early stages for whole body wellness, thereby preventing the onset of other health issues in the future.

Q: Is Low Testosterone Serious?

A: Low Testosterone, or Hypogonadism, is a clinical condition that affects many men as they age or may be the result of outside influences that result in deficient testosterone production. Symptoms can range from low libido, sexual dysfunction, reduced energy levels, and poor sleep quality to mood changes, weight gain, and so on. Low T is often the catalyst of other men’s health issues if left untreated, but it can also be a symptom of other serious issues, too.

 To learn more about Low T, visit our “What is Low T” page.

Q: Does EveresT Accept Insurance?

A: Yes, EveresT currently accepts BCBS, Multi-Plan, and Humana major medical plans. If our providers are not in your network, we also offer an affordable direct-pay option. To find out if you’re covered for EveresT Men’s Health’s services, contact your insurance provider today!  

How to Find a Men’s Health Expert Near You

With EveresT, you have the option of two comprehensive men’s health clinics, located in Plymouth and Woodbury. At each clinic, you’ll find the same quality men’s health services and knowledgeable providers to guide you on a holistic journey to better men’s health.

Schedule a consultation today and receive a $50 testosterone check and body composition screen.