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Colon Cancer Prevention

"Colon cancer" spelled with Scrabble letters

In a recent article, we shared common symptoms associated with colon cancer. Today, our goal is to expand on this topic by providing tips on how men can practice colon cancer prevention.

According to the American Cancer Society, men who maintain a healthy weight and diet may reduce colon cancer risks, as rapid weight gain and obesity are linked to this disease. Staying active and limiting your consumption of red and processed meats, alcohol, and tobacco smoke may also prove effective in helping you avoid colon cancer. 

It’s important to note, however, that there is no way to prevent colon cancer that is 100% effective. Colon cancer affects 1 in 23 men in America, which is why early detection is crucial.

 Requesting a colorectal cancer screening is one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of this disease or its effects on your quality of life.

Cancer Screenings Amid COVID-19

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, clinicians have reported a significant decrease in cancer screenings among patients. According to the American Cancer Society, these services were postponed to permit urgent medical needs and help reduce the spread of COVID in public settings. Now, as medical professionals begin to reopen and provide these essential services again, it’s important that if you, or someone you know, have canceled your colorectal cancer screening that you reschedule this appointment with your clinician as soon as possible.

Other Ways to Reduce Colon Cancer Risks

In addition to getting regularly screened for this common disease among men, and maintaining a healthy diet that limits animal fats while increasing fruits, vegetables, and whole grains (CDC), there are certain medications and supplements that may help assist in preventing colon cancer: “Some medications have been found to reduce the risk of precancerous polyps or colon cancer. For instance, some evidence links a reduced risk of polyps and colon cancer to regular use of aspirin or aspirin-like drugs,” (Mayo Clinic). As with any change to your health and wellness, always speak with your doctor before taking aspirin or other medications to avoid complications or negative side effects to your health.

Other research suggests that incorporating healthy fats, such as olive oil, fish oil, and avocados may also help reduce your risk (Medical News Today).

Colon Cancer Prevention Begins with You

Preventing a disease like colon cancer requires you to take a proactive approach to your health and wellness. As mentioned in our earlier article, though colon cancer is common among men in their 50s, doctors are also seeing more cases of this condition in men in their 20s and 30s. What this means is now is the time to put more focus on achieving better men’s health. And EveresT is here to help you do that.

Our men’s health clinic is dedicated to helping men improve their diet, physical performance, and mental focus with proactive treatment plans, all designed specifically for you!  

The New Year is the perfect time to prioritize your men’s health goals. We encourage you to schedule an appointment at one of our two locations for a comprehensive evaluation, which will allow us the opportunity to create a personalized plan to address your needs and help you achieve optimal health and wellness in 2021.

To get started, request an appointment today!