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What To Expect at EveresT Men’s Health

Low Testosterone (or Hypogonadism) is a clinical condition in which low levels of testosterone are found in association with specific signs and symptoms. At EveresT Men’s Health, a leading men’s health clinic, our team of experts are experienced in identifying low testosterone through laboratory testing and treating  low T symptoms.

Understanding Low T

Low T levels are often the result of a chronic medical condition, an imbalance in hormones from weight gain, certain medications, or a natural process of aging. Upon arrival at our clinic, we can test your testosterone through collecting a blood sample. Next, one of our medical providers will provide you with extensive education on normal testosterone and causes of low testosterone. Our provider will then review your symptoms and personal medical history. 

Additionally, we will complete a body composition screening. If we determine you do not have low T, we can complete a more expansive comprehensive medical assessment to help determine what else may be causing the issues that you have been experiencing.  

If we determine that you do have low T then we’ll provide you with a personalized medical treatment plan, which may include testosterone replacement therapy (or TRT). TRT can be administered in the form of injection, implant, patch, or gel.[1] At EveresT Men’s Health, we hold a clinical preference for using an injectable form, as it can be administered with more individualized dosing precision. 

Because testosterone is so central to the healthy functioning of the male body, the benefits of TRT are vast and may include:

  • Improved overall energy

  • Improved physical strength and stamina

  • Improved cardiovascular function

  • Improved sex drive

However, TRT is not for everyone, and your men’s health provider at EveresT may determine that you would benefit from a different treatment plan, such as medical weight loss, smoking cessation, evaluation and treatment for sleep apnea, or treatment of high blood pressure or cholesterol. 

What Are the Risks of Testosterone Therapy?

While many are quick to discuss its benefits, it’s important to also talk about the risks of TRT. The primary goal of TRT is to help regulate blood testosterone to normal levels[2]. Therefore, testosterone therapy may help reverse the effects of hypogonadism, but it is a topic of contention amongst experts on whether or not it will benefit older men who are otherwise healthy. Remember, what is right for one may not be right for another. Some risks of TRT include[3]:

  • Exacerbation of sleep apnea

  • Skin irritation

  • Increased prostate growth

  • Growth of breast tissue

  • Lower sperm production

  • Overproduction of red blood cells

In short, TRT is not a “catch-all” low T solution, and it does not unlock the fountain of youth, as so many pharmaceutical ads proclaim.[4] Any decisions made regarding low T treatment should be determined between you and your men’s health provider.

What Happens If You Stop TRT?

TRT was developed for men who experienced difficulties producing enough testosterone naturally. Some of the common causes included injury to the testicles or genetic defects.[5]  You may experience certain side effects if you stop taking treatment. Before making any decisions, consult with your provider to discuss next steps or to help you find an alternative treatment approach to low T.

How Much Does Testosterone Therapy Cost?        

The cost of TRT varies depending on your individual treatment and insurance provider. Contact your insurance company to see if TRT is covered under your current medical plan. 

What Separates EveresT Men’s Health from Other Low T Clinics? 

Because of the aggressive marketing and insufficient information that is so widely available in this age of technology, it’s hard for men to know where to turn when it comes to their health.

At EveresT, we never place profits before our patients. We work to help optimize your physiological and physical health through a proactive and comprehensive medical approach. As you move through your wellness journey, we’ll provide not only the medical treatment that is most appropriate for you, but we will also provide the lifestyle guidance you need.

Many of our patients have expressed strong appreciation that there are men’s health medical experts in the Twin Cities who provide this level of personalized care. Rather than having to pursue TRT through a web based, non-personal experience, men can find the professional services and support they need to make informed decisions about their health and modify treatment, as needed, to ensure the best results.

Contact EveresT Today

Education is essential, we promise to be a trusted advocate when it comes to your lifetime health and wellness.

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