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How Does a Man Lose Belly Fat?

Man grabbing his extra stomach fat

If you’re nearing your late thirties, or early forties, you may notice how getting older makes staying in shape a constant challenge, even after you’ve exhausted yourself with exercise. Maybe in your twenties, a few weekly trips to the gym or cutting down on alcohol was enough to reduce inches around your midsection. Today, that’s probably not the case. 

Though burdensome, carrying extra body weight around your abdomen area is common in older men. And there are many age-related issues that make weight loss even harder to achieve as you age.

Common reasons for weight gain include:

  • Hormonal changes (i.e. low testosterone)

  • Decrease in metabolism

  • Muscle loss

  • Certain medications

  • Stress and/or depression

  • Low activity level 

For men in particular, extra weight tends to show up first in the abdomen area (a.k.a the belly). The feeling of having your stomach protrude over your belt buckle is not just uncomfortable, it can also cause you to feel self-conscious, too.

Why It’s Important to Fight Belly Fat

The fact that belly fat is unsightly and uncomfortable isn’t the only reason why men should fight to rid themselves of extra pounds; rapid weight gain can also present a number of health risks. According to The Mayo Clinic, belly fat includes fat that is visceral, meaning it surrounds your internal organs.

Other men’s health issues associated with weight gain also include:

  • High blood pressure

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Insulin resistance

  • Low T 

How To Lose Belly Weight

So, how does a man lose belly fat? A healthy diet plan and regular exercise can help.

What Men Should Eat to Lose Weight: Portion control is an effective means for healthy weight loss, especially if you’re consuming foods that are high in carbs, salts, and calories. You’ll want to replace these foods with healthier options, such as:

  • Fish

  • Vegetables

  • Fruit

  • Nuts

  • Leafy greens

  • Whole grains

  • Yogurt

  • Lean chicken

Adding more protein to your diet is another way to help you feel fuller and consume fewer foods that are either processed or high in starch.

What Men Should Drink to Lose Weight: Soft drinks are packed with calories and sugar; an alternative might be switching to calorie-free sparkling/carbonated waters. Consuming less alcohol is beneficial and water, teas, and high-protein drinks are all preferable to sodas. A good trick is to drink one or two glasses of water before each meal. You’ll be surprised at how full you feel after, and you’ll be less likely to go back for seconds.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat: There are a variety of good exercises aimed at getting rid of fat in the mid-section, including:

  • Abdominal crunches

  • Weight training

  • Leg lifts

  • Planks

  • Cardio to help raise your heart rate

Other Means: Getting better sleep and reducing stress are less discussed yet very effective ways in losing extra pounds, too.  

Setting Goals for Men’s Weight Loss

If you’re struggling with body fat, you may ask yourself, “how fast can I lose weight?” There’s really no right answer to this question. It’s important to understand that long-term weight loss is a gradual process, and its success depends on many factors, including genetics, height, age, lifestyle choices, hormones, etc.

A good starting point is to set goals on a monthly or quarterly basis (i.e. I want to lose 1 pound a week). If you’re looking to kickstart your weight loss now and improve your overall health and wellness, working with a men’s health expert is really the best place to start.

As mentioned earlier, there are many physical and social factors that contribute to men’s weight gain, including low T. To help you identify the underlying issue of what’s causing your weight gain will help you develop an effective weight-loss program that fits your routine and has you seeing positive results that go beyond your midsection.  

Start Your Journey to Better Health with EveresT

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