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25 Jun: Meet Your Local Men’s Health Providers

Living a healthy, proactive lifestyle may seem achievable in your 20s. But as men age, certain lifestyle changes (e.g. career and financial obligations, family responsibilities, etc.) combined with excessive behaviors—drinking, eating, or smoking—can affect your physical and mental wellness, leading to low energy and clinical health issues later in life.

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15 May: Does OSA Cause Men’s Health Issues?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a sleep disorder caused by relaxation of the throat muscles that block the airway. It affects men twice as often as women. Sleep apnea leads to disrupted sleep patterns and negative side effects yet, interestingly, many people with OSA think they sleep well.

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30 Jan: Gastrointestinal Health as a Foundation to Better Men’s Health

In a previous blog post, we focused on “Food as Medicine.” This month, we’d like to discuss the importance of ensuring good gastrointestinal health as an essential element to overall men’s health. It is not uncommon that poor gastrointestinal function may act as a significant limitation to health, providing unpleasant symptoms and limiting proper absorption of macronutrients, essential vitamins, and minerals. If there is an underlying gastrointestinal issue, it will result in a diminishing effect of nutritional intake. 

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01 Nov: Why Medical Weight Loss Plans for Men Work

The are many lifestyle and hormonal factors that contribute to men’s weight gain. For starters, when you approach your mid-30s, your metabolism begins to slow down. That in combination with other lifestyle choices in your 40s and 50s may leave you with low energy and less motivation to hit the gym or make conscious food choices.

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16 Jul: Understanding the Relationship Between Sleep and Low Testosterone

For many men in their 30s and 40s, sleep deprivation may sound like a normal part of the aging process. Between working 8 or more hours at the office, budgeting finances, and raising a family, it is not uncommon for men to feel fatigued and exhausted throughout the day. However, sleep deprivation is a serious condition that men should not ignore. In fact, it may be a sign of low testosterone