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Low T Center in Minnesota

Low Testosterone (also known as Hypogonadism) is a clinical condition in which low levels of testosterone are found in association with specific signs and symptoms. It can result from different causes, including chronic medical conditions, an imbalance in hormones from weight gain, certain medications, or as a natural process of aging. Long-term low testosterone levels can result in slower metabolism and weight gain, which in turn can worsen cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

It is best to place your confidence in medical providers with expertise in the identification and treatment of low testosterone. The founders of EveresT Men’s Health have over twenty years combined expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone. At EveresT, we will evaluate your symptoms and determine if you have low testosterone and whether testosterone replacement is right for you.

A doctor weighing his patient in a hospital office

What are the benefits of Testosterone Replacement?

  • improved overall energy

  • improved physical strength and stamina

  • improved sex drive

  • improved mental clarity

  • improved motivation and productivity

  • improved mood

  • improved quality and depth of sleep

  • improved body composition, muscle mass, and strength

  • improved strength of erection

  • improved bone density

  • improved metabolism (increased insulin sensitivity), cardiovascular function

Doctor using a stethoscope to hear her patient's heart


EveresT is all about helping men achieve optimal health through proactive medicine.

Our mission is to become a recognized leader in men’s health care by helping patients achieve their best health possible. Through our comprehensive medical approach, we will start by addressing current health challenges and conditions, such as low T, but we will place emphasis on optimizing your physiological and physical health. As your energy improves, we will provide medical treatment and lifestyle guidance to push you to achieve your best health possible. We will monitor your health changes over time using clearly defined objectives seen in your repeat blood studies and changes in your body composition and physical fitness over time. At the heart of everything we do, we emphasize the importance of being an informed patient and will take the time to educate you and support you in all areas of your health!

Medical Evaluation
Upon arrival, we will complete a comprehensive medical exam to identify your current health status.
Identify Deficiencies
After your medical evaluation, we will evaluate your current hormonal & other laboratory deficiencies.
Lifestyle Program
Once we've identified any deficiencies, our team will develop a plan to correct and restore you to optimal health.
Schedule Appointment
Once we get our test result done we will schedule an appointment for results
Our Mission

At EveresT Men’s Health our mission is to help every man realize his best energy and long-term health through pro-active healthcare for men. While many seek us out for our expertise with testosterone replacement, hormone replacement is only one element within the larger whole. We take a highly individualized approach to medical treatment that is supported through developing strong relationships with every patient to allow us to better understand each patient’s unique health challenges.


We recommend a comprehensive medical evaluation so that we can.


Develop personalized treatment which may or may not include:

  • Hormone replacement (as determined through laboratory testing)

  • Medical diagnosis and treatment for common medical conditions

  • Vitamin therapies and other supplements

  • Referral to medical specialists or imaging as needed

  • Guidance for improving fitness and nutrition


We will listen

We take the time to listen and understand your unique health questions, concerns and symptoms.  Far too often we have patients say “My doctor just never seemed to listen to me.” It’s possible that the doctor was too busy, that they held a limited treatment scope or that they didn’t agree with something they thought you were saying about your treatment.

The medical providers at EveresT will listen to you and work to develop a shared treatment approach.  We understand that the best way that we can support your health is through developing medical treatment that invites you to be an active participant in the process of caring for your health.

We will provide unparalleled access to your medical providers.

We emphasize our convenience and accessibility as something that sets us apart in your experience of healthcare.  Many patients share the experience of making efforts to connect with medical care and being advised that they can be scheduled in six weeks.  For most men in today’s world this does not serve the needs or meet expectations in today’s fast paced world.  We strive to be a convenient and trusted point of care and in almost all cases are able to accommodate our patients’ needs within 24 to 48 hours.

To streamline accessibility, you will be provided with channels to directly communicate with your team of medical providers so that we can provide a quick response to address your health questions and needs.  In the majority of cases we will provide quick solutions or will help you to connect to medical specialists when the need arises. Our commitment is to be a trusted resource to you to provide quick responses for your needs and provide effective solutions to take away most of the headaches of navigating today’s health care system.

Two men sitting on grass outside resting between exercises

We value your time.

We focus on efficiency as we respect your time and will make every effort to provide you with medical care that addresses your needs and gets you in and out quickly for your scheduled appointments.  Our centers are in the service of our patients and we will make every effort to provide you with the care that you need and we will make every effort to accommodate your busy schedule.

We are always looking ahead.

We focus on efficiency as we respect your time and will make every effort to provide you with medical care that addresses your needs and gets you in and out quickly for your scheduled appointments.  Our centers are in the service of our patients and we will make every effort to provide you with the care that you need and we will make every effort to accommodate your busy schedule.


Plymouth Patient

I go to the Plymouth location and everyone that works there is very friendly and extremely helpful and professional. Since I’ve started treatment I’ve lost weight , gained muscle and my overall well being has gone up dramatically. Give them and the treatment a try.

Woodbury Patient

I go to the Woodbury clinic and I can’t sing praises loud enough for Dr. Dan and Emily! They are awesome. They make every visit comfortable like I’m just there to see my friends. Since starting treatment I have noticed night and day changes in my mood, energy, focus and drive. This is what I have been missing!

Wife of Plymouth Patient

I’m so thankful for EveresT Men’s Health & Doctors Tom and Aaron. My husband had seen multiple other providers who were unable to correctly address his low testosterone. Finally we found EveresT and their partnership to find answers was so refreshing. Being correctly diagnosed and treated has been life changing for my husband & for our lives.

Eagan Patient

I have been a client at Everest for six months, I’m 54 and in that timeframe I have lost 20 pounds, reduced my BP and I have regained the vigor of my youth. Andrea and Staff are incredible. Just Go!