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Low Testosterone vs. High Testosterone in Men

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If you already follow our blog, you know that low testosterone (Low T) is a common condition among men. Low T causes men to experience various symptoms that affect their quality of life. For example, men may experience low energy, a decrease in sex drive, fatigue, rapid weight gain, and brain fog—to name a few.

Though Low T can occur in men as they age, certain underlying conditions or medications may also cause men to experience hormonal imbalances that affect healthy testosterone production.

Can Men Experience High Testosterone?

Though uncommon, men may experience symptoms of high testosterone. This condition rarely occurs naturally, however. 

What Causes High Testosterone in Men?

Certain cancers or tumors in the adrenal glands or testicles may cause men to produce an excess amount of testosterone—again, this is very uncommon. However, anabolic steroid usage is typically the reason for abnormally high testosterone levels. 

Steroids are a synthetic form of testosterone, and although there are medical reasons why a clinician may prescribe this medication to a patient, including treatment for certain inflammatory conditions or autoimmune diseases, individuals looking to build muscle mass and improve athletic performance may also use them. 

It’s important to note here that steroids are prescription only, but men may obtain them illegally, which often leads to their misuse and adverse effects—one being high testosterone levels.

How to Know If You Have High Testosterone

As with low testosterone, high testosterone results from hormonal imbalance and can impact your physical and mental health.

Common signs of high testosterone in a man may include:

Notice how many of these warning signs share similarities with Low T symptoms? As the primary male sex hormone, testosterone plays a critical role in men’s health and impacts their muscle size, strength and endurance, libido, sperm count, and other essential bodily functions.

Too much or too little can easily throw your life off balance, causing other serious issues to occur that affect everything from your sex life to your metabolism, hair growth, sleeping patterns, and emotional wellness (i.e., depression, stress, and anxiety).

For men to achieve optimal health, they need to produce the proper amount of testosterone to function normally. As every man is different, working with a men’s health expert can help you find the best approach to balancing testosterone and other aspects of your life.

Treating Hormonal Imbalances

The good news is that men don’t need to live with Low or High T symptoms. Though testosterone replacement therapy is an option, making mindful changes to your lifestyle, diet, and fitness routine can also improve your testosterone levels. 

At EveresT Men’s Health, we offer a wide range of medical services designed to help men become more proactive in their health and wellness journeys. Services may include personalized nutrition, weight-loss programs, supplements, and exercise prescriptions.

We know everyone is different, so we personalize every treatment plan based on a comprehensive examination of your current health. This allows us to identify any hormonal deficiencies early on and give you the guidance and support you need, so you start stronger, more energized, and confident to take on each new day. 

Contact us for a consultation to learn more about our approach to Low T and other men’s health issues. We offer three convenient locations in Eagan, Plymouth, and Woodbury

Make 2023 the year you say YES to better men’s health.